Solar for Rentals SME30 CORE RETROFIT KIT Three Phase with LTE (4G) IoT Service

by Matter Labs

This package is for SME Business investment properties that can be single tenanted or multi-tenanted. The properties must have solar already installed or will have solar installed. This retrofit Kit is used when the landlord would like to earn more by selling solar power to tenancies within the site.

The kit comes with support for a single tenancy out of the box for more tenancies a SME PLUS TENANT PACK is needed per each new tenancy. See Matter's product page to lean more about which option is the right one for you.

This Retrofit Kit comes with the following: - 

  • Two Energy Sensor/Meter - Matter's Faraday (PLC)
  • IoT Live Pro Gateway with LTE (4G) IoT connectivity where Matter pays for data charges
  • 1 years subscription services for Solar for Rental Business SME
  • Service Activation
  • On-boarding tenants
  • On-boarding property
  • Landlord portal
  • A Tenant Portal per tenant

The Retrofit Kit comes with Matter's Manufacturers Warranty of 5 years and an Extended Warranty of 5 years bringing total coverage to 10 years. Does not include installation. Need to purchase installation or organise installation using a Matter accredited installer.

For more on Matter installation services 

Note that this product is for one grid connection for all tenancies. (one NMI meter). If you have more than one grid meter you will need to buy an additional retrofit kit per grid meter. 

Available from 1st November 2017.