Solar for Rentals RESIDENTIAL SINGLE DWELLING 5kW Solar TOTAL PACKAGE (REGULAR) with SS LTE (4G) IoT Service - Installed by Solargain

by Matter Labs

REGULAR PACKAGE. This package is for investment residential properties that do not have solar and the landlord would like to earn more by selling solar power to the tenant. 

The 'Total Package' is delivered & invoiced by two companies separately, being Matter and the nominated Solar Partner. The price shown is the aggregate amount charged. Matter coordinates the collection and disbursement of all funds to streamline the process on behalf of the customer. 

Included in this package is a concierge service from Matter where it looks after things like organising the installers, on-boarding the tenant and ensuring that the system works as expected. This Total Package comes with the following: - 

  • Solar for Rentals Retrofit Kit (see for more)  that includes
    • Wireless Zigbee Meters
    • IoT Live Gateway with LTE (4G) IoT connectivity where Matter pays for data charges
  • Tier 1 Panels - Jinko 270W Panel with 10 Year Warranty by Solargain
  • Regular Inverter - Zeversolar Zeverlution 5000 - Single Phase - with 10 Year Warranty by Solargain
  • Single Phase Grid Connection
  • Installation in the metro area (50km from depot) see coverage area 
  • Accredited Matter Awesome Installer - Solargain
  • 1 years subscription services for Solar for Rental
  • Service Activation
  • On-boarding tenant
  • On-boarding property
  • Landlord portal
  • Tenant Portal
  • Co-ordination between Landlord, Tenant and an agent if needed

The Total Package comes with Matter's Manufacturers Warranty of 5 years and Extended Warranty can be purchased to provide Matter Care coverage for 10 years or 15 years.

This package does not include any grid meter change over for solar metering. In NSW the package price does include a grid changeover for net metering.

The prices shown for the Total Packages include a federal government STC payment worth around $2,000 - $3,500 off a typical 5kW system. The effect of which is an up-front discount for the solar system - the price shown includes factoring the STC payment. The amount of STC payment depends on the size of the system, where its installed. And it will fluctuate based on something called a STC price, which always moves like the price of a share on the stock market. Matter's Solar providers take the responsibility for creating these STCs as well as the risks associated with holding onto or selling them. Once an order is accepted then this price is locked in.

Note it is worth highlighting that there is a condition on this price that that if the price of STCs vary significantly before an order is accepted by Matter & the Solar Provider. The Solar Provider has a right to increase the price, this is coupled with a right of the buyer to not proceed. For more details please examine the particular terms of the Solar provider.

The only available payment method for this product is by Escrow Payment Method which is selected on checkout. The total price for this package, which includes GST, shall be delivered by two companies (Matter and the nominated Solar Partner) each of whom will deliver their respective part of this 'Total Package' subject to their specific terms & conditions for which they will invoice separately. These two invoices shall in aggregate be equal to the total price for the options chosen in the 'Total Package'.