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Solar for Rentals Service Packs

Solar for Rentals Service Packs

by Matter Labs

Matter's subscription service (SaaS) for property investors. This subscription provides the services to monitor solar energy production and consumption to bill tenants for the product 'Solar for Rentals'. Includes monitoring, cash collection, tenant & landlord portals as well as expert customer service. Monitoring also includes always on live, high fidelity monitoring, analytics and health check for the solar PV system and revenue ENERGY sensors. Requires an appropriate retrofit kit installed to have this service. For more details on the subscription service see Solar For Rentals Service


This package is for SME Business investment properties that want to expand the number of tenants that are billed in a site (tenant billing points).  The property must have solar already installed or will have solar installed. This pack is used increase the number of tenancies in the site with Solar for Rentals SME30 (retrofit kit) already installed. Each new tenant billing point requires a Faraday ENERGYsensor to be installed. 

This pack comes with the following: - 

  • One Energy Sensor Matter's Faraday (PLC)
  • Service Activation
  • On-boarding tenants
  • A Tenant Portal per tenant

The pack comes with Matter's Manufacturers Warranty of 5 years and an Extended Warranty of 5 years bringing total coverage to 10 years.

Note. Where a tenancy has more than three circuits or the amperage is more than 60A per circuit this pack will not be suitable you should contact an expert at Matter to workout a solution to your unique situation, we will be very happy help. Installation not included.

Available from 1st November 2017.