Zigbee Power Meter

by Matter Labs
Save $66.00

Wireless Energy Meter using Zigbee. This Wireless Meter can be used with Digital Solar and  Matter's popular ‘Solar for Renters’ service. Zigbee is a industry wireless standard that is one of the most popular for smart energy. 

This meter works with all Matter gateways. The IoT,  IoT Live. and IoT Live Pro. 

Product Models 

  • Three Phase Meter comes in 120-120-120 Amps, 120-60-60 Amps and 60-60-60 Amps variants
  • Single Phase Meter comes in 40Amp and 120 Amp variants.

Ships with CT clamp and meter unit. The Saturn South is mounted using DIN Rail. It comes with the branding Saturn South or GreenBox.

See Product Description for more information