Faraday ENERGYsensor with PLC

by Matter Labs

Matter's Faraday ENERGYSensor is a new kind of internet-of-things nano-size ENERGYsensor that can be used with Matter's popular ‘Solar for Renters’ service. The Faraday is unique in that it uses Power Line Communications (PLC) to communicate avoiding WDZ (Wireless Dead Zones). PLC is a plug-and-play digital technology that uses the home’s or business’ existing power line to create a data network. PLC significantly improves the reliability and security of communication of connected IoT devices in hard to reach spots like a basements, carparks, meter-boxes or electrical distribution-cabinets.

This product requires the Matter Gateway IoT Live Pro. This gateway comes with LTE (4G) Cat-1 and PLC.  (IoT Gateway)

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