Smart Little Things

Smart Little Things

The Internet-of-Things revolution is here. See our Sensors, Controllers that work with Matter solutions that put more in your pocket. 

Smart little things are compatible for the various "Solar for Rentals" services that allows property investors to sell solar power to their tenants. 

Out of the box and with high measurement accuracy our range of smart sensors and smart meters all support Matter's Connected Solar - Digital Solar.

They also are compatible for "Solar for Rentals" service that allows property investors to sell solar power to their tenants. 

All smart meters allow users to monitor energy consumption and production and take precise measurements for usage profiling and analysis. This is an important part in adjusting energy usage patterns, ultimately saving money and energy consumption. It allows you to measure the energy usage or production of electronic devices anywhere in your building.

Put More in Your Pocket - We don't hide our prices
Matter's IoT Gateway

Matter's IoT Gateway

by Matter Labs

Our goal with the IoT Gateway was to push the limits of technology: we have engineered a stylish internet-of-things gateway loaded with lots of innovative technology. Engineered for you, made by Matter.

It's everything you love about Matter, simplicity, and security brought to home IoT gateway. We've re-thought everything about gateways to create an experience that's reliable, flexible and handles your connected devices and internet-of-things services, effortlessly. We do the hard work, so you don't have to. The result is more than just a new gateway. Its the future of gateways for the internet-of-things. And now, with the state of art Cat-1, improved processor performance, faster flash storage and up to 30 days of data backup, Matter's IoT Gateway sets the bar. Our intelligent software that takes care of complex settings behind the scenes, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience of connected solar without having to fiddle. Built in smarts keep your home IoT network secure and reliable, with no fiddling or tinkering.

  • Simple to install, set-up and upgrade. (Requires an electrician to install the energy meters.)
  • Security that will always be a step ahead.
  • Matter IoT Gateway takes your connected devices further.
  • Its different, better and reliable. It can be expanded to provide a range of services giving you an entirely new home IoT-experience.

This product comes in three variants:-

  1. IoT.  Standard - BYO Internet. This model does not have 4G or PLC. And requires internet connectivity in the home to be provided and will work only with Wireless Meters like Saturn South. This is the entry level model in the gateway range. Good value for money.
  2. IoT Live. LTE (4G) Cat-1 - No PLC. This model has its own internet connection (4G Cat-1) out of the box and will work only with wireless meters like Saturn South.
  3. IoT Live Pro. LTE (4G) Cat-1 - with PLC. This model has its own internet connection (4G Cat-1) out of the box and also works with Faraday ENERGYsensor. It will also work only with wireless meters like Saturn South. This is the top-of-the-range in Matter Gateways.

 For more information on the specifications go here


Faraday ENERGYsensor with PLC

Faraday ENERGYsensor with PLC

by Matter Labs

Matter's Faraday ENERGYSensor is a new kind of internet-of-things nano-size ENERGYsensor that can be used with Matter's popular ‘Solar for Renters’ service. The Faraday is unique in that it uses Power Line Communications (PLC) to communicate avoiding WDZ (Wireless Dead Zones). PLC is a plug-and-play digital technology that uses the home’s or business’ existing power line to create a data network. PLC significantly improves the reliability and security of communication of connected IoT devices in hard to reach spots like a basements, carparks, meter-boxes or electrical distribution-cabinets.

This product requires the Matter Gateway IoT Live Pro. This gateway comes with LTE (4G) Cat-1 and PLC.  (IoT Gateway)

For more product details on Faraday ENERGYsensor

Zigbee Power Meter Save $66.00
from $165.00
from $99.00

Zigbee Power Meter

Zigbee Power Meter

by Matter Labs
Save $66.00

Wireless Energy Meter using Zigbee. This Wireless Meter can be used with Digital Solar and  Matter's popular ‘Solar for Renters’ service. Zigbee is a industry wireless standard that is one of the most popular for smart energy. 

This meter works with all Matter gateways. The IoT,  IoT Live. and IoT Live Pro. 

Product Models 

  • Three Phase Meter comes in 120-120-120 Amps, 120-60-60 Amps and 60-60-60 Amps variants
  • Single Phase Meter comes in 40Amp and 120 Amp variants.

Ships with CT clamp and meter unit. The Saturn South is mounted using DIN Rail. It comes with the branding Saturn South or GreenBox.

See Product Description for more information