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Installation of Retrofit Kit Metro

Installation of Retrofit Kit Metro

by Matter Labs

Professional install of Matter products.  The best way is to have retrofit kits installed is to add 'professional installation' during the checkout process.  All retrofit kits with energy meters like Faraday ENERGYsensor or Saturn South Wireless Meters require professional installation. Because Matter Energy Meters connect to high voltage cables, professional installation is a must by a qualified electrician in order to keep you safe and avoid damage. Matter Installers have been specifically chosen and trained to install Matter products. Your Matter products will be up and running quickly when you hire a Matter installation professional. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing they’re installed properly. You cannot install electrical meters without being a qualified electrician.

The options available with this service is for the retrofit kits listed for a standard installation in a typical site. Where the site is non-standard the installer will advise of any variation in price before job is commenced. 

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