Concierge General Service Description

Matter provides Concierge Expert services in a number of areas. Our experts will work our clients’ best interests at heart to help maximise value. 

Concierge may involve all or some of the following activities:-

  1. Assisting in assessing the feasibility and business case where required
  2. Solutioning to maximise value and technical risk
  3. Liasing and Collaborating with third parties involved in the solution, such as solar, car charger or battery providers
  4. In some services - facilitation/involvement in the procurement process either sole sourced or competitive bids
  5. Commissioning the solution involving Matter's technology or product
  6. Dealing with issues or problems and assisting in resolving disagreements with third parties

We at Matter do not sell Solar. We sell 'Solar for Rentals' solutions that uses either a new or existing solar system at its heart. Our technology will work with all solar systems.

In order to provide exceptional customer experience, we have a dedicated people trained on handling all aspects in the areas of:-

  1. Digital Solar 
  2. Solar for Rentals - Residential
  3. Solar for Rentals - Dual Occupancy
  4. New Builds
  5. Solar for Rentals - Business Single Tenancy
  6. Solar for Rentals - Business Multi Tenancy
  7. Strata Common Area
  8. Strata Car Charging

With our Concierge service, we’ll take care of everything around getting a Matter product or service working. At Matter, we represent the customer throughout the entire process with the aim that they get as much value as possible whilst we provide the best customer experience that the customer has ever had. 

Matter experts providing concierge services and are here to enlighten and ensure a successful implementation. They have lots of expertise, strong industry connections, the best deals and always our customers’ best interests at heart.

You will find that our people who provide Solar for Rentals Concierge services are vigilant with their follow up and attention to detail. They consistently applying common sense to solve problems as they arise.  They are communication legends who maintain a great can-do-anything attitude.


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