Residential New Build Solar Retrofit Kit - Bundle Description

Specifically designed for the property developer or builder who is looking to include solar onto their residential project. They want to extend the capability of solar to become either Digital Solar or Solar for Rentals.

This retrofit kit addresses the issue for builders/developers not knowing whether a new build will be an investment property (rented) or an owner occupier at time of build.

This retrofit kit allows the same Matter gear to be used either for Solar for Rentals or Digital Solar Services.

For the builder this means one set of infrastructure for owner-occupier and investment rental properties.

The retrofit kit comes with a special kind of one (1) year subscription that can be activated either as Solar for Rentals or Digital Solar Service. Must be activated within 12 months of purchase.

This new build kit comes with 10 years warranty included - 5 Year Manufacturers plus 5 Year Extended.

Warranty can be extended further to 15 years. 


  • Energy Sensor/Meter - Matter's Faraday (PLC)
  • IoT Live Gateway with LTE (4G) IoT connectivity where Matter pays for data charges

This Retrofit Kit comes with the following: - 

  • 1 years subscription services for Solar for Rental or 48 months subscription to Digital Solar (flip pack option)
  • Service Activation
  • On-boarding tenant (for Solar for Rentals)
  • On-boarding property
  • Landlord portal and Tenant Portal (for Solar for Rentals)
  • Digital Solar Portal (for Digital Solar )

Installation not included

You can add installation if needed. (for more on installation)



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