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Matter's Faraday is a new genre of Solar ENERGYsensor for the Internet-of-Things, that is the most practical way to fix Wireless Dead Zones problems. It has been developed by Matter to be used in areas like Solar for Rentals, Digital Solar, Battery Storage and Energy Trading to communicate energy measurements reliably in real-time.


The Faraday is unique in that it uses Power Line Communications (PLC) to communicate avoiding WDZ (Wireless Dead Zones). PLC is a plug-and-play digital technology that uses the home’s or business’ existing power lines to create a data network that's faster and more reliable than wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, 3G and ZigBee from within electrical cabinets. PLC significantly improves the reliability and security of communication of connected IoT devices in hard to reach spots like a basements, carparks, meter-boxes or electrical distribution-cabinets.

Matter's Faraday measures solar power and it is a very advanced special kind of energy sensor that has its own special computer module on board. After doing some complex calculations to work out measurements the Faraday sends the energy measurement data through the electrical wires. It uses these power lines as data communication lines for the internet-of-things. The Faraday can talk and listen using this new exciting plug-and-play PLC technology. So, there is no need to run new wires or drill holes in walls to install data cables like Ethernet.


The electrician simply installs the Faraday into an electrical cabinet and plugs-in the companion Matter 'IoT Live Pro' Gateway into the power-point on the same circuit as the Faraday in the house. The electrician can locate the Gateway using its signal strength LED indicators on the Faraday to identify the best electrical outlet for placement.

The Faraday is mounted using a standard DIN Rail.

The Faraday can easily talk for up to 100 meters along power cables. The data connection to the Faraday is able to leap through cabinets, walls and floors, putting an end to dead zones even in basements and other hard-to-reach areas.



  1. Faraday unit
  2. 3 x CTs 120A, 60A, 60A 
  3. Installation instructions


Requires one Matter's  IoT Live Pro Gateway on same circuit that Faraday PLC is connected to.  IoT Live Pro Gateway variant has PLC enabled to communicate with the Faraday. 

To work with the Faraday ENERGYsensor Matter’s has the IoT Live Pro Gateway. This gateway also can communicate using LTE 4G Cat-1 back to Matter’s cloud and will also communicate inside the home using Wi-Fi, Ethernet and ZigBee.

LIMITED to 10 x Faradays on one power circuit for communications per Gateway - that means 30 electrical circuits monitored. 

Avoid using in noisy electrical environments like industrial sites and factories.


Currently no variants. 

  1. Faraday ENERGYsensor comes with support for 120Amp / 65Amp / 65Amp circuits.


  • Matter's  IoT Live Pro Gateway
  • Matter's Solar for Rentals Service
  • Matter's Digital Solar Service


In addition to the conventional real-time remote solar energy metering the Faraday fully supports a set of advanced functions:

  • bi‑directional communication,
  • over-wire-updates,
  • data encryption and remote commands. 
  • 6loPAN (Ipv6 over 802.15.4),
  • supports Point-to-Point or Mesh and AES128/256 encryption for data transport.

The Faraday ENERGYsensor can meet the needs of families and small businesses it comes with:-

  • Plug and play configuration with no setup required.
  • A range of up to 100 meters over existing electrical wiring
  • 10 Faradays (30 Circuits) per IoT Gateway with PLC
  • ARM® 32-bit Cortex™-M4F CPU

How Many Faradays on a Circuit

One Matter IoT Gateway with PLC can support many Faradays talking on one circuit, theoretically up to 128 Faradays. While most homes don't need that many circuits monitored it’s good to know that you can have lots of Faradays at one site. The most Matter expect in a residential site is 10 circuits, and this is what is recommended. The typical Solar for Rentals site with battery storage requires three circuits that is one Faraday. Dual occupancy requires can require six circuits (two Faradays).

Each Matter’s IoT Gateway talks on one circuit is able to support many Faradays so you can monitor as many power circuits as you need wherever you need. We recommend using no more than 10 Faradays. One Faraday can monitor up to three single-phase circuits or a set of three phase circuits. That’s up to 30 circuits in a home or business.

Power line communications (PLC)

Faraday uses existing electrical wiring in a building as the data network cables.

This is known as Power Line Communications (PLC). Which means no extra wiring is required. The data network can be extended into new places without adding new data cables reducing installation costs and delays.

Faraday is typically installed in a meter cabinet and will automatically detect and speak with Matter's IoT Gateway over the existing electrical wiring. Matter's IoT Gateway are plugged into a wall socket and automatically creates a network connection via the electrical wiring in between the wall socket and Matter's Faraday ENERGYsensor. This adds no new wires.

A PLC connection has many advantages of a wireless connection and can extend the range quite significantly. The quality of the connection still depends on the quality of the electrical system and if there are line filters that distort the signal on the power line this may prevent the Faraday speaking lengthy distances. Faraday uses G3-PLC® (ITU-T G.9903) industry standard commands operating in CENELEC A band in Australia.


Faraday ENERGYsensor supports single-phase three-wire and three-phase three-wire systems. One Faraday can accurately monitor three circuits with a high degree of accuracy.

The Faraday also support a flexible power supply compatibility of AC 110-240V which means that it can be used internationally. User can be able to monitor the status of device via the LED indicators on the front panel easily. Integrates into Matter's IoT Live Pro Gateway for back to the cloud connectivity using either LTE/4G Cat-1 or Internet available at the site via a router.


Faraday support comprehensive measurement functions including:-

  • Active Power (W),
  • Total Accumulated Electricity Consumption (kWh),
  • Interval Electricity Consumption (kWh),
  • Voltage (V),
  • Current (A),
  • Frequency (Hz),
  • Power factor (PF),
  • Reactive & Active power,
  • Reactive and Active import energy,
  • Reactive and Active export energy and
  • phase measurements.

It has been designed to intelligent services to monitor solar and battery storage.

All measurements in the Faraday are ‘buffered’ within the Faraday for a considerable period of time as extra precaution and integrity should the communications to the gateway fail or the gateway fails. 

Out of the box the Faraday comes with high measurement accuracy it supports Matter's ‘Solar for Rentals’, Digital Solar, Battery Storage. Solar for Rentals a service that allows property investors to sell solar power to their tenants.

The Faraday ENERGYsensor allows users to monitor energy usage and take precise measurements for real-time usage profiling, machine learning and data mining analysis. This is an important step in adjusting energy behavioral patterns, ultimately saving money, creating value and reducing grid energy consumption. The Faraday allows you to measure the energy usage or production of devices anywhere in your building.


Faraday is capable of measuring very small energy production, flows and consumption up to 0.001kWh, allowing users to monitor every moment of energy. Its measurement accuracy is in the range of ± 1% (At PF=1.0, based on rated current).

It has been designed for use cases requiring accuracy for monetization use case like Solar for Rentals, Battery Storage Monetization, Energy Trading and Digital Solar. 


Approximate dimensions shown.





Five Year Manufacturer Warranty from Matter with option to purchase 5 year or 10 year extended warranty at time of purchase.


The Faraday is the ground breaking product that uses PLC technology that uses the industry standard G3-PLC® (ITU-T G.9903) operating in CENELEC A band in Australia. 

G3-PLC is used in the smart-grid and supported globally. This technology is an important part in enabling households and building owners to monitor power production from solar and consumption in real time - securely and accurately. It supports battery storage as well.


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  1. Announcement of the Faraday
  2. Matter IoT Gateway
  3. G3-PLC Alliance 


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