Product Specs


Solar for Rentals - Residential Retrofit Kit - Bundle Description

This package from Matter is for investment residential properties that do have solar and the landlord would like to earn more by selling solar power to their tenant. The idea is that this kit is retrofitted onto the site's existing solar to make it ready for Solar for Rentals. This package upgrades a home with solar to 'Solar for Rentals'.

A Retrofit Kit is a collection of products and services that are bundled by Matter as a compelling offer. Retrofit kits are aimed for customers who do not need assistance in buying Solar or Batteries or those customers who have Solar and/or Batteries already installed. 

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Residential New Build Solar Retrofit Kit - Bundle Description

Specifically designed for the property developer or builder who is looking to include solar onto their residential new build project. They want to extend the capability of solar to become either Digital Solar or Solar for Rentals. Matter's retrofit kit for Solar addresses the issue for builders/developers not knowing whether a new build will be an investment property (rented) or an owner occupier at time of build. This retrofit kit allows the same Matter gear to be used either for Solar for Rentals or Digital Solar Services. For the builder this means one set of infrastructure for owner-occupier and investment rental properties.

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Faraday ENERGYsensor - Product Description

Matter's Faraday is a new genre of Solar ENERGYsensor for the Internet-of-Things, that is the most practical way to fix Wireless Dead Zones problems. It has been created by Matter to be used in use cases like Solar for Rentals, Digital Solar, Battery Storage and Energy Trading to communicate energy measurements reliably in real-time. 

The Faraday is unique in that it uses Power Line Communications (PLC) to communicate avoiding WDZ (Wireless Dead Zones).  PLC significantly improves the reliability and security of communication of connected IoT devices in hard to reach spots like a basements, carparks, meter-boxes or electrical distribution-cabinets. Out of the box the Faraday comes with high measurement accuracy it supports Matter's ‘Solar for Rentals’, Digital Solar, Battery Storage. Solar for Rentals a service that allows property investors to sell solar power to their tenants. The Faraday ENERGYsensor also allows users to monitor energy usage and take precise measurements for real-time usage profiling, machine learning and data mining analysis. 

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Digital Solar Retrofit Kit - Bundle Description

Matter's Digital Solar retrofit kit is for owner occupiers that have solar already installed or they are having solar installed themselves. The retrofit kit is used to provide insight into solar production and the consumption of electricity.  The package includes one years subscription for Digital Solar.

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IoT Gateway - Product Description

Matter's IoT Gateway is the "brains" that is installed within the property - it has many responsibilities. The main role is that connects the IoT devices, power meters and energy sensors to the Matter services operating in a secure cloud. The IoT Gateway has its own special computer server that does a lot of work and ensures that important data is not lost when the internet connectivity goes down.  The IoT gateway "speaks" to many devices using the devices native "language". Matter's IoT gateways can speak wireless - Wifi, Zigbee; Wired - Ethernet, Power Line Communications (PLC) and Mobile 4G Cat-1. This means that IoT Gateway can monitor, influence and monetise all kinds of devices that Matter support. As well as speaking back to a secure cloud where even more stuff happens.

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Zigbee Power Meter - Product Description

Wireless Energy Meter using Zigbee. This Wireless Meter can be used with Digital Solar and  Matter's popular ‘Solar for Renters’ service. Zigbee is a industry wireless standard that is one of the most popular for smart energy. This power meter works with all Matter gateways. The IoT,  IoT Live. and IoT Live Pro. 

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