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Solar for Strata Buildings is a reality

With the rising price of grid electricity people living in apartment buildings are wondering if they can reduce power bills by putting solar on their apartment buildings.

They can but not in the way they think.

Solar in apartment buildings that is shared by all apartments doesn't really work because there is not enough solar energy produced to be shared amongst a large number of users.

There is a solution - Solar for Strata from Matter.

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Dual Occupancy Key Concepts for Matter's Solar for Dual-Occupancy

Some important concepts to understand on Solar for Rentals for Dual Occupancy.  Matter defines Solar For Rentals perspective Dual Occupancy is where there is one only one-grid connection and two tenancies that share power on one block of land. The dual occupancy property has solar that is shared amongst the tenancies by using a bigger roof space of the combined dwellings.

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